Is it possible to cash out a small amount for an affordable phone?

Among the methods of cashing out using mobile phone micropayments, unpaid and overdue phones will use the information usage fee (content usage fee) cashing method.

This is because the information usage fee is easy to break through the non-payment policy of telecommunication companies or payment agencies.

In general, if there is a non-payment of a fee (overdue), the payment is blocked immediately and payment is impossible, whereas the payment of information usage fee (content usage fee) available on Google Play has relatively time to be blocked due to policy impossibility, so payment is possible. This is high.

Also, because the computer system sharing between mobile carriers and payment agencies is not real-time, if the payment policies of mobile carriers (SKT, LG, KT) are not allowed, the non-payment status is immediately linked and reflected to the payment agencies (Danal, Mobilians, Galaxia, etc.) It won’t happen.

Of course, this can be different for each individual, and it may vary depending on the condition of the customer’s line, whether a large amount is blocked, the performance of the payment agency, the limit of the information use fee, etc.

Not all mobile phone micropayments can be cashed out just because of non-payment/delinquency. However, since cashing out information usage fees is relatively cumbersome and the fees are high, it is recommended that you make a decision carefully before proceeding with cashing.

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