How do I resolve unpaid micropayments?

How to break through the non-payment micropayment cashization policy! We’ll tell you how to solve the problem when you can’t use mobile phone payments because of the 소액결제 미납. Are you in trouble if you are trying to get cash in a small amount in a hurry, but there is a payment error due to policy? Now, let me share with you how to monetize your micropayment policy.

If you try to make a micropayment with an unpaid phone that is overdue because you can’t pay your cell phone communication bill, it’s caught by the telecommunication company’s (SKT, KT, LG) policy and an error message appears and you can’t make the payment. The reason for not being able to do so in terms of non-payment micropayment policies of telecommunication companies and payment agencies is simple. It is a policy that if you do not pay the telecommunication fee or payment fee used in advance, you can no longer lend money. In other words, it has a similar meaning to “You can’t lend money to someone who doesn’t even pay back the money you lent”.

If so, isn’t there a way to cash out using micropayments when you are caught in the mobile phone non-payment policy? Fortunately, there are none, and if you haven’t paid more than two months in arrears, there’s still a workaround. This is a solution called the micropayments non-payment policy cashing method. Even in the non-payment status, the degree of policy is different for each site and product, and you need to find a route to make a payment and turn it into cash. If it is difficult to find this or if you want to cash out quickly, we recommend that you use a company to proceed.

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