Characteristics of cashing out micropayments

Are you burdened with small payment cashization fees?
When converting mobile phone micropayments or Google information usage fees into cash, you do not receive 100% of the amount paid in cash, but only the remaining difference except for the so-called micropayment cashization fee.

The amount of the fee is different depending on what you pay for such as a cultural gift certificate, information usage fee (content usage fee), etc. From the customer’s point of view, there is no choice but to prefer a place with as low a fee as possible.

However, most of the companies claiming that micropayment fees are cheaper than other places are making excuses and actually charging higher fees when making calls. Literally, 90% of cash in micropayments are hype and solicitation.

Also, there are companies that use the psychology of these small-payment cash users to professionally defraud, so do not be deceived by advertisements/promotional phrases, and you need to calmly determine if they are reliable companies.

Recommend a good place with low fees for small payment cash

Showticket strives to offer the lowest price for cultural gift certificate fees, small payment cashization fees, and information usage fees, compared to other companies.

If you are surprised by the expensive micropayment cashization fee, or if you want to compare the fee, we recommend that you call or Kakao Talk with our Showticket and check it out yourself.

As mentioned above, please take into account that the fee varies a little depending on what you paid for. It is recommended for those who want to cash out cultural gift certificates, micropayments, or information usage fees at a low fee from a trusted official company.

Since we do not disclose the fee for cashing out small payments to each company, we can’t guarantee that it is the cheapest fee, but if it is confirmed that other companies are receiving a lower fee than us, we will set the fee again according to the customer’s point of view as much as possible. There is this.

We will explain in detail the advantages of cashing in micropayments, where you can get cash within 5 minutes with just a smartphone or mobile phone. The method of cashing out micropayments was often used by people who needed money urgently or those with bad credit because they could get cash right away without a complicated screening process or credit rating evaluation like a mobile phone microloan.

However, in recent years, the method of cashing out micropayments has become almost common due to the simplicity and convenience. Let’s summarize what 소액결제 현금화 is, its features and advantages in an easy-to-understand manner.

If you have a mobile phone in your name and you are not in a state of suspension due to excessive unpaid amounts, anyone can easily convert it into cash, and the payment amount is included (totaled) in the communication fee for the following month.

The amount that can be converted into cash is different for each telecommunication company, but it is generally limited to a maximum of 1 million won, and a 20-30% fee is deducted in the process of cashing out to a business operator.

If you cash out the information usage fee, you can cash out a larger amount in addition to the telecommunication company’s micropayment limit, but keep in mind that more fees are deducted.

In this article, I have summarized the features and pros and cons of the micropayment cashization method for the general public to understand. I hope it will be a good reference for those who are not familiar with it. Thanks for reading this long post.

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